UltraTech FIXOBLOCK is a versatile thin jointing material for laying AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks etc. The product is specially designed to provide higher bonding as a result of higher tensile adhesion strength. UltraTech FIXOBLOCK is pre-mixed, easy to apply high quality mortar comprising of cement, graded sand and admixtures. FIXOBLOCK replaces conventional jointing mortar of 12-18mm thickness with highly versatile 3-5mm thickness.

UltraTech FIXOBLOCK helps to speed up the build process and achieve the required insulation performance of AAC Blocks for the buildings. UltraTech FIXOBLOCK (Thin joint masonry) is a fast, clean, accurate system for construction using autoclaved aerated concrete blocks of close dimensional tolerance with 2mm-3mm mortar joints.

  • Features and Benefits
  • Thin jointing material with very high adhesion strength
  • Pre-mixed and ready-to-use. Only water is to be mixed at site
  • Economical.  Eliminates lengthy and cumbersome processes of site mixing, thus transport and storage of all individual materials is avoided
  • Ease of mix and much faster application
  • Thin layer application results in structure being compact
  • No water curing is required after application
  • Minimizes the undulation of the surface
  • Being a thin layer, chances of water percolation is negligible
  • Being premixed, it saves considerable time and labour
  • Ready for subsequent application like plastering just after 24 hours of application
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Raw materials are processed, reducing the chances of efflorescence
  • Areas of Application:
  • Laying and jointing of fly ash bricks, cement blocks, hollow blocks, AAC blocks etc.
  • Jointing of pre-stressed concrete slabs, panels.
  • Parapet walls
  • Jointing of cement window and door frames.
  • Garden and boundary walls.


1) What is UltraTech FIXOBLOCK?

It is a versatile jointing material for AAC blocks, Fly ash bricks, Concrete blocks etc. It is premixed mortar that needs to be mixed with water for application.

2) What is the coverage area of UltraTech FIXOBLOCK?

The coverage of FIXOBLOCK will depend on the size of the block. It is approximately 250 sq.ft. for  100 mm blocks to 120 sq.ft. for 225mm blocks at 3mm thickness.

3) What would be the ideal water/FIXOBLOCK mixing ratio?

Water is to be used approximately 25% to 30% of the powder. Water is added in stages to get a smooth, uniform workable mix.

4) Does UltraTech FIXOBLOCK require water curing?

Water curing is not required after application.

5) What is the thickness of FIXOBLOCK Mortar?

The thickness of FIXOBLOCK mortar is only 3mm on application, it is far thinner than conventional mortar.

6) What is the tensile adhesion strength @ 28 days?

The tensile adhesion strength @ 28 days is 0.8 N/Sq.mm

7) What is the pot life of FIXOBLOCK?

The pot life of UltraTech FIXOBLOCK is 2 hrs

8) What are the main advantages of using FIXOBLOCK?

a) Pre-mixed, hence only water is to be added and applied. This saves time.
b) Thinner layer of application, so lesser shrinkage.
c) No curing required so subsequent application after 24 hours is possible.

9) Do we need to pre-wet the blocks?

Yes, it will ensure absence of all dust and loose particles if any and hence blocks will not absorb water from mix.

10) Does it stop water seepage/percolation through joints?

Yes, certainly.